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We have accommodated a large number of orders for custom-made products to meet various customer requirements. 
As a specialized manufacturer that strives to service for customer work efficiency, EIGHT TOOL utilizes our best effort to produce the highest quality tools possible, in the most flexible manner possible to respond to specific needs.
※The examples shown below are just a few samples of our custom-made products. Please contact us for any custom-product inquiries.


Extra-large size L-type hex key wrench

Head size = 36 mm.  L1=400 mm.  L2=600 mm.
・Hexagonal wrenches in any size from 0.71 to 50 mm, as well as inch sizes can be                

・Custom L1 and L2 lengths are also available.

Double Ball Point with Special Short Arm 
9pcs. set - 1.5 ~ 10 mm

・This Short Arm L-type wrenches have Taper

 Head on L1 heads for strong tightening,

 while L2 heads have Neo-Ball for angled inserting

 up to 35°.

Crank-shaped wrench with Hex and Torx head
Hex size: 5mm / Torx size: T30

・Suitable for quick fastening. This particular custom  requirement was for a on-board product of a vehicle with  sunroof.
・Customization available in different size and length.


Hex key wrench set for
Pilot-Recess bolts
6pcs. set - 3 ~ 10 mm

・Both ends have convex portions 
 to fit pilot recess bolts.


Thicker-neck Taper Head socket bit
Hex size: 10mm / Overall Length: 110mm

・This custom Taper Head was machined to

 10% thicker neck to accommodate

 exessive torque requirement. 
・Customization available with

 different surface treatment

 and /or in overall length.


Triple square socket bit
Triple Square M12: Overall length = 60 mm
Triple Square M14: Overall length = 140 mm

・Socket bit for Triple Square socket head bolts.
・Custom for automotive manufacturer.
・Customization available in different size and


L-type Hex screwdriver
Hex size: 8mm

・Custom order for strong tightening.
・Handle grip makes frequent
 tightening easier.

Custom bend Hex screwdriver
・Unique dend required to accommodate bolt access with

 an obstrucle.
・Customization available for other unique requirements. 


Steel handle T-type Hex wrench
Hex size: 6mm / L3 Length: 1,000mm

・Custom order for extrememly

 long reach requirement.
・Customization available in

 different size and length.


Hex bit Hex size: 0.89 mm, Overall length: 50 mm
・EIGHT TOOL has manufactured bits of hex size from 0.71 to 12 mm and overall

 length from  45 to 300 m.
・Customization available in different head type, length, groove position, and dimensions.

Adjustment bit (for torque wrench) Hex size: 0.89 mm, Overall length: 40 mm
・Custom adjustment bit for a torque wrench to replace on-board bit that came in the

 original package.
・Customization available in different size and length.

Taper Head Hex bit (Slim shank) Hex size: 3 mm, Overall length: 200 mm

・Customization available in different head type, length, and groove position.


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