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Enhanced Ball Point for Tight Fastening 

EIGHT’s original Taper Head feature redefines the concept of “pre-fastening only” ball point hex key wrenches. 
This innovative head design enables pre-fastening to final fastening of a bolt by increasing the surface contact area

to the bolt walls. Increasing the contact area not only

enhances the fastening strength but also prevents both the

wrench head and the bolt walls from wearing out.

3. Neck bottom linear section

1. Tapered section


4. Thick Neck section

2. Vertex linear section

1. Tapered section :

The Taper Head hex key wrench is specifically designed to secure surface contact to bolt walls even when a wrench is inserted from tilted angle.


2. Vertex linear section :

Flat surface at the Vertex linear section ensures firm surface contact to

the bolt walls and prevents from wearing out. 

3. Neck bottom linear section :

Linear section at the neck bottom enahnces torque resistance to prevent

the neck from breaking under high-torque usage.

4. Thick Neck section :

Thick neck section design enables final tightening, while ball point hex key wrenches are designed only for temporary tightening.

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