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The optimum balance of hardness and torsional strength. Execution with prudent craftsmanship under strict quality standard. Simply to serve customers with the best quality possible. 

Three significant factors that determine the quality of hex key wrenches are torsional strength, wear resistance, and machining accuracy. Steel materials require the exquisite balance between hardness and resilience to achieve the torsional strength that prevents them from breaking even if they are subject to strong torque. The steel material that EIGHT TOOL uses is a special alloy for hex key wrenches, SNCM+V, which was jointly developed with a steel manufacturer in pursuit of such an ideal balance. We combine this special-purpose steel with our knowledge of tool manufacturing, the latest technologies, and years of machining expertise, to create hex key wrench products that professional customers in all industries can always count on.

To deliver top quality hex key wrench products to our customers, we enforce strict internal standards on our manufacturing practices, pursue new technological researches, manage production floors where experienced engineers with 60 years of work experience and up-and-coming engineers operating the latest manufacturing systems cooperate with each other, and implement inspection/packaging work beatifully executed at amazing speed. EIGHT TOOL has strived to manufacture the best quality tools possible to our customers for over 60 years and will continue to do so for next decades to come.

From 0.71mm to 55mm, inch sizes, Torx® , and Torx Plus®.
EIGHT TOOL hex key wrenches are chosen to tighten and loosen screws all over the world at all industries including electronic components, smartphones, automotives, aircrafts, and vessels.

Hexagon socket head (cap) bolts are used for a wide range of products from industrial products to construction-related products. In addition to their high durability, hex cap bolts can be made smaller and can also keep the mounting surface flat. With these advantages hex cap bolts have expanded their usage areas and are expected to keeping doing so. EIGHT TOOL manufactures metric and inch size hex key wrenches as well as officially lincensed Torx® and Torx Plus® products to respond to any customer needs. EIGHT TOOL boasts a formidable product lineup that can only be provided by a specialised manufacturer.

In addition, as a part of our strengths as a specialized manufacturer, EIGHT TOOL proudly offers custom order production in quantities as small as a single product. This has led to rare orders to produce hex key wrenches for strictly confidential screws which usage was even unknown to us. EIGHT TOOL has been and will be exploring new technologies and new markets to keep reinventing our own craftmanship and to service customers with trust worthy products. 

*Torx® and Torx Plus® are registered trademarks of Acument Intellectual Properties, LLC. EIGHT TOOL CO., LTD. is an official licensee of Acument Intellectual Properties, LLC. 

High machining accuracy
and strict QC standards

EIGHT TOOL products are manufactured to a high degrees of precision and are inspected based on strict standards in a constant effort to improve tool functionality and customer work efficiency.

EL/ARMOUR plating

EIGHT TOOL’s original EL/ARMOUR plating achieves superior abrasion and rust resistance. This new plating was also developed with hexavalent chromium free plating technology. 

Special Alloy Steel SNCM+V

To realize outstadning torsional strength and
wear resistance, EIGHT TOOL originally
developed special alloy steel, SNCM+V, and
has kept improving it over decades. 

Customization available from
a single product

To meet various tooling needs from industry
professionals for unique and demanding work
situations, EIGHT TOOL proudly accommodates flexible custom order products. 

“Made in Japan”quality

As a manufacturer that strives to deliver products that are filled with great amount of care and attention, EIGHT TOOL manufactures its products in Japan under its strict quality control.

Reliable traceability

EIGHT TOOL wrenches can be traced back to
their manufacturing lots as a part of our quality
control procedures. 

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