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沿 革

March 1958

May 1965

April 1975

January 1977

February 1978

May 1980

March 1987

December 1989

September 1990

March 1992

June 1994

August 1996

November 2003

October 2014

June 2015


January 2018

September 2021

January 2023

Founded Yao Seisakusho in Ikuno-ku, Osaka

Started manufacturing hexagon wrenches

Moved to the current address and completed the first Osaka factory.

Started production of ball point products.

Completed Osaka second factory

Established Yao Metal Industry Co., Ltd.

Started production of Excellent series

Completed First Tottori Factory

Completed Second Tottori Factory

Renamed as Eight Tool Co., Ltd.

Completed Third Tottori Factory

Completed First Tottori Warehouse

Completed Second Tottori Warehouse

Completed New Third Tottori Factory

Obtained Official licensing of Torx®/Torx Plus® from AGT (U.S.A.)

Opened Tokyo Sales Office

Founded EIGHT TOOL America Inc.

Acquired ISO9001 and ISO14001

Completed Fourth Tottori Factory

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