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Environment / Quality Policy

Environmental policy

Eight Co., Ltd.
President Yasuhiro Oka
Date of enactment April 1, 2021

In order to promote environmental conservation and sustainable social development, our company establishes the following environmental policy.

1. Continuous improvement of the environmental management system and environmental performance through the construction and operation of an environmental management system that responds to business activities evaluation.

2. Set environmental goals and raise awareness of environmental conservation activities through environmental education for all employees.

3. Observe laws and regulations related to the environment and strive to protect the environment.

4. In order to prevent pollution in all aspects of our business activities, we will focus on the following items.
(1) Strive to spread environmentally friendly products and services.
(2) Improve efficiency in the use of gasoline and copier paper, and strive to promote resource and energy conservation.
(3) Thoroughly separate and manage waste, and strive to promote recycling of resources.

5. We will review our environmental policy regularly every year, reflect it in our environmental objectives and targets, and strive for continuous improvement.


That's all.

Quality policy

Eight Co., Ltd.
President Yasuhiro Oka
Date of enactment April 1, 2021

In order to continue to provide high-quality services that meet the expectations and needs of our customers, we have established the following quality policy.

1. In our products, services and business activities, we always think and act in dialogue with our customers, and strive to improve customer satisfaction.

2. As a means of building trust with customers, we will constantly innovate our organization and technology by operating and continuing to improve our quality management system.

3. We will set quality targets and strive to improve customer-oriented awareness through environmental education for all employees.

4. Comply with social norms such as laws and regulations.

That's all.

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